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Tarte aux Pralinès

If you have a sweet tooth and love sweet treats, this traditional tart will hit the spot.

Tarte aux Pralinés Roses

I have a lot of hobbies and passions in life, however cooking is my inspiration. Coming to Lyon as a foreigner was truly a delight; due to the fact Lyon is the gastronomic capital of France, better more the cuisine capital of the world.

I had heard about a lot of different lyonnaise specialities, but nothing prepared me for this absolutely delicious tart. The Tarte aux Pralinés Roses is one of Lyon's prime specialities. It is a simple tart, however if you have a sweet tooth like me, you will be in for a treat.

The Tarte aux Pralinés consists of a pastry base with a luxurious bright pink/red centre. The cake mix consists of bright red or pink pralines which are red sugar coated almonds mixed with crème fraîche épaisse, which is a thickened version of the original crème fraîche .

It is a tart that anyone can prepare; it is quick, simple and very sweet. The key to cooking the tart is to melt the pralines in the crème fraîche , melt the two to your personal preference. Some people enjoy the tart with pieces of almonds; however I prepare a liquid sweetened mix.

Once you have melted the two and are happy with the consistency, add the mix to the pastry base and cook for 10-15 minutes on a medium heat. (150, gas mark 3-4)

Be it a dinner party or a tea time lunch, serve this up to guests with a tea or coffee and get ready to real in the compliments. Eat it hot or cold, however you wish. Personally I prefer it cold as it thickens slightly and the flavours are fully aromatized.

Don't waste any time, and get cooking. If you are not in Lyon, these pralines might be hard to get your hands on, however in saying that, you may find them in your local supermarket or a world foods shop.

My best advice would be, come to Lyon and taste the best Tarte aux Pralinés in a restaurant or a patisserie cooked by a lyonnaise baker or chef.

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