Only Lyon - Tourism and Conventions

Cathédrale Saint-Jean et Basilique de Fourvière
L'Hôtel-Dieu la nuit
Puits de la Galerie Philibert Delorme
Cathédrale Saint-Jean

10 facts that make Lyon a french city not to be missed !

And if you want more ... come and visit !

Lyon is a city full of surprises... here are some facts you probably don't know about the city.

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27/04/2015 10:45

Lyon has it's own attraction places and lovely people. I wanna go there again to meet my French families =D
John Kehoe

02/06/2016 04:10

My wife and I are visiting Lyon from 16-18 July, 2016 and we wish to take the Resistance tour which I understand costs E180 for 2 hours for 2 people or E279 for 3 hours with 4 people. If there was another English speaking couple and an English speaking guide we would like to join them at any time on 16-18 July, 2016 for the 3 hour guided tour. However if not we would like to take the 2 hour guided (English speaking Guide) .tour. Could you kindly revert to this message as we are told this tour is wonderful. .

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