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Cultural Centre the Aqueduc

Pôle Culturel L'Aqueduc © Mairie de Dardilly
Pôle Culturel L'Aqueduc © Mairie de Dardilly

L'Aqueduc boasts two performance venues, an art house theatre, an exhibition area, and rooms for use by private individuals or companies, a media and toy library, a Youth room for 10 to 25-year old, and a multimedia centre.

Every year, L’Aqueduc hosts more than twenty exhibitions or live shows.
These areas, which are used for associative, social or commercial purposes, can accommodate from 20 to 100 people. They are graciously made available to associations located in Dardilly, and rented out to private individuals, companies and external associations.


Bar, Sala espositiva, Parcheggio, Parcheggio vicino, Parcheggio pullman


1 Chemin de la Liasse 69570 Dardilly

Tel. : 04 78 35 98 03

7 Sale

Nom In cocktail Capacité max Teatro A U (IT)
Maison du Barriot 80 80
Salle 6 100 100
Salle 7 100 100
Salle Parsonge 500 500 300
Salle du Bourg 130 130
Salle de réunion 1 100 100 20
Salle de réunion 2 100 100 20


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