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The Perrache Terraces

Les Terrasses de Perrache ©
Les Terrasses de Perrache ©
On the top floor of the Centre d'Echanges, a flagged area with perennial plants flowering from May to Sept. Family gardens looked after by the “Jardins Suspendus” association, which includes an educational area for beginners.
The first depolluting plant wall in the world was created here in October 2007, and was supplemented with plant columns in 2010 covering the silos. With an area of 400 m², bacteria present in the substratum necessary for the plants to live feed on polluted air, making it cleaner. It is still at an experimental stage, and all the towers and bridges of the Centre d'Echanges (2000 m²) could be covered. These plant walls are created by Canevaflore. The CENTRE D' ECHANGES: designed by René Gagès, work began in the autumn of 1972 and the building was inaugurated on 25 June 1976. It is 250 m long, 60 m wide and 37 m high, and has a surface area of 100,000 m². Its mass prevents the Rhone ground water from rising. For this reason, it can never be demolished and was completely renovated.


Centre d'Echanges de Perrache 69002 Lyon 2ème



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