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Lungofiume, parchi e giardini

The Fine Arts Museum Garden

Jardin du Musée des BeauxArts ©
Jardin du Musée des BeauxArts ©
Classical 1200 m² garden created at the end of the 19th century. The secular walls of the former abbey protect passers-by from the noise from outside.
The circular pond in the centre is overlooked by an antique sarcophagus and a small statue of Apollo, god of the arts.


20 place des Terreaux 69001 Lyon 1er

Tel. : 04 72 10 17 40

Fax. : 04 78 28 12 45



Orari di apertura

Tutto l'anno : aperto tutti i giorni dalle 7h30 alle 18h, eccetto i 01/01, 01/05, 08/05, 14/07, 15/08, 01/11, 11/11, 25/12.


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