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AviaSim © Aviasim
AviaSim © Aviasim
AviaSim © Aviasim
AviaSim © Aviasim
AviaSim © Aviasim
AviaSim © Aviasim
AviaSim © Aviasim
AviaSim invites beginners and enthusiasts to take the controls of a flight simulator with a professional pilot! From an Airbus A320 or a Boeing 737 to an F-16 Fighting Falcon or a Bell 206 helicopter, a wide variety of flight experience simulators are available.
Once you are flying your Airbus A320 or Boeing 737 airliner, you can choose your destination from among 24,000 airports all over the world, along with good or bad weather, and whether to fly in the day or night. Take the controls of an F-16 Fighting Falcon jet and battle your enemies! We have two simulators that are connected via a network to enable you to combat each other or to fight virtual enemies. Try your hand at acrobatics, aerial combat, in-flight refuelling, and formation flying! NEW, UNIQUE IN FRANCE: take the controls of a helicopter simulator and fly over cities like New York or Moscow, rescue swimmers in St. Martin, or drop-off skiers on an Alpine peak. Anything is possible! AviaSim simulators are exact replicas of real cockpits, for a more realistic experience. 180 degree screens recreate all the sensations of flying. The AviaSim Experience is available from €59! The perfect gift!

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Inglese, Francese


Pôle Pixel 26 rue Emile Decorps 69100 Villeurbanne

Tel. : 04 78 96 36 19


From € 59.

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Tutto l’anno. Tutti i giorni dalle 10 alle 18.
Chiuso lunedì e domenica.
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