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Giraudet Les Halles

Giraudet Les Halles ©
Giraudet Les Halles ©
Giraudet Les Halles ©
Giraudet Les Halles ©
Vieni a degustare le quenelle, salse, zuppe e ravioli realizzate dalla Maison Giraudet nel cuore di Les Halles de Lyon-Paul Bocuse.
Giraudet is a standard for quenelles. It never rests on its laurels as it continues to innovate with the concept of a soup bar in addition to its shops. Sit at the designer counter and choose the soup that inspires you most that day: simmered before your eyes, with beans, lentils or exotic flavours, hot or cold depending on the season. For quenelles and the sauces served with them, just let yourself be guided. Here, you are with professionals. Plain, chicken, mushroom, or pike, you have a choice, depending on the season.

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102 cours Lafayette Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse 69003 Lyon 3ème

Tel. : 04 78 62 34 05

Orari di apertura

Aperto dal martedi a sabato dalle 8:30 alle 19, domenica: 9 alle 13.
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Giraudet Bellecour Giraudet Bellecour

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Giraudet Les Halles Giraudet Les Halles


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Philippe Lechat, chef étoilé
Les Halles Paul Bocuse

Philippe Lechat, chef tra i più rinomati.


Philippe Lechat, chef tra i più rinomati, descrive les Halles Paul Bocuse

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