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Religious heritage

Did you know that there were 13 churches in Old Lyon?
Today there are only 3 churches in the area, one can only imagine the importance of the Church in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Its a must to visit the Romanesque and Gothic buildings in Lyon!

At the end of the 19th centuary, Peter Lyon Bossan powerfully styled the Fourvière its basilica.
Other religions are well represented: the architecture of the Great Mosque or contemporary temples and synagogues are worth a visit too!

Chapelle de BoisDieu
Chapelle de Bois-Dieu

The Chapelle de Bois Dieu was originally built in around 1695 by Mr. Claustrier, the owner of the Bois Dieu estate at the time. In 1840, the whole of the Bois Dieu estate was bought by Mr. Fleurdelys, a man of great culture.
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Eglise du Bourg
Eglise du Bourg

Built in 1863, it replaced the former 12th-century Roman church located near Fromente, which was demolished between 1860 and 1870.
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Eglise de Charly
Eglise de Charly

Roman church from 1225 (Gothic choir added in around 1555 then extended with chapels, converted into side naves). Jean-Baptiste Frenet’s murals date from the 19th c. and Raphaël Lardeur and Robert’s stained-glass windows (designed by Rib) from the...
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Basilique de Fourviere
Basilica di Fourviere

Questo edificio di stile eclettico sovrasta Lione: l'esterno si presenta come una «fortezza mariana», l'interno è riccamente decorato con mosaici, vetrate e marmi. Dal piazzale si gode di una vista panoramica eccezionale. Visita originale dei tett...
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Chapelle Expiatoire  "La Croix Glorieuse"
Chapelle Expiatoire - "La Croix Glorieuse"

Built from 1898 to 1901 and blessed in 1906 by the architect Pascalon in the Neo-Byzantine style. Since 1906, the crypt has housed the bones of victims of the French Revolution from 1793 and 1794 of all ages and social statuses.
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Chapelle de Beaunant
La Chapelle de Beaunant

There is record of a pilgrimage chapel in the Beaunant valley in 1308. It was destroyed during the French Revolution and rebuilt in 1857. Parish church from 1862 to 2002, it is surrounded by greenery.
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Eglise de l'Annonciation
Eglise de l'Annonciation

Swiss-German-style church built in 1957 by the architect Pierre Koch following the destruction of the former building during WWII. It includes a 62m bell tower. It is part of the Vaise group of parishes...
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Ancien Hôpital de l'Antiquaille
Former Hôpital de l’Antiquaille

In a castle built in 1508 by the Lyon-based humanitarian Pierre Sala, the house was converted in the 17th c. into a Visitandine convent until the French Revolution. It became state property and the hospital was based there from 1804 to 2005.
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