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Museum of Anatomy Testut Latarjet

Musée d'Anatomie Testut Latarjet © Musée Testut Latarjet
The museum exhibits everything relating to anatomical studies: human and animal skeletons, Egyptian and Gallo-Roman mummies, embryological and pathological items and wax models.
Created in 1854 in rooms in the Hôtel Dieu, the museum was installed in the new faculty of medicine in 1877 (the current Lumière University, Quai Claude Bernard), then in 1930 on the site of the Rockefeller estate. The name "Testut Latarjet" was chosen in 1992 in homage to two great Lyon anatomists: Léo Testut (1849-1925) and André Latarjet (1877-1947) who were anatomy professors at the faculty (Mr. Testut in 1877 and Mr. Latarjet in 1919). The collections of the National Society of Medicine and Medical Sciences of Lyon were incorporated in 1921. There is also a model tracing the life and evolution of more than 50 types of dinosaur and other reptiles in the secondary era.


Faculté de Médecine 8 avenue Rockefeller 69008 Lyon 8ème

Orari di apertura

CHIUSO a causa delle collezioni muovono in Rillieux-la-Pape, la posizione del futuro "Museo di Scienze Mediche e della Salute".


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Camille Pantano, blogger culturale


Camille Pantano, blogger culturale

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