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Museum of Ancient Art Castings

Musée des Moulages (MuMo) ©
Created in 1899 in a former shed-roofed textile factory with a large depot in which it is housed, the museum exhibits a large collection of ancient, medieval, renaissance and modern castings: approx. 2000 items.
The museum illustrates the evolution of sculpture and the styles of the main schools from ancient Greece to the 19th century.


3 rue Rachais 69003 Lyon 3ème

Tel. : 04 72 84 81 12


Gratuit hors expositions.

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Struttura temporaneamente chiusa.


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Camille Pantano, blogueuse culture
I musei di Lione

Camille Pantano, blogger culturale


Camille Pantano, blogger culturale

La particolarità dell'offerta lionese è che i musei sono altrettanto belli all'esterno che all'interno!