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Lighting days meetings: Forum LED Europe - Full LED Expo - Lumiville

Lighting Days : Forum LED Europe Full LED Expo Lumiville © Lighting Days
In 2017, ForumLED Europe, Full LED Expo, Forum LumiVille (Lighting Leaders) are gathering in Lighting days: 2 days of exhibition, conferences, BtoB business meetings, start-up space, pavilions dedicated to LED technology .
Coming from laboratories, key companies and specialized public institutions, and selected for their complementarities and indisputable knowledge of technology and LED applications, these speakers will draw up for you a full and uncompromising picture and share their vision of the market and Led Technology.

Informazioni pratiche

The Lyon Convention Center

50 quai Charles de Gaulle Cité Internationale 69006 Lyon 6ème

Tel. : 04 37 40 31 63

Orari di apertura

Dal mercoledì 13 a giovedì 14 dicembre 2017 dalle 9:30 alle 18:30.


Accesso libero.
sur inscription.


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