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Old Lyon's renaissance district and "traboules" in 2h

Le Vieux Lyon Renaissance et ses traboules en 2h ©
Le Vieux Lyon Renaissance et ses traboules en 2h ©
This Renaissance district, listed by Unesco, is the largest area of this kind in France... This unique area of Gothic and Renaissance architecture has been chosen by UNESCO as World Heritage.
It covers 24 hectares along the banks of the river Saone. Old Lyon’s urban development mainly took place in the 15th and 16th centuries. After visiting the gothic cathedral, wander through the narrow cobbled streets and “traboules”… These famous covered passageways going from one street to the next via corridors through houses hide superbly renovated architectural treasures: inner courtyards, galleries “à l’italienne”, spiral staircases etc.

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Avenue Adolphe Max 69005 Lyon 5ème

Tel. : 04 72 77 69 69

Orari di apertura

Tutti i lunedì alle 11:00, dal venerdì al domenica alle 14:30 eccetto 1° gennaio e 25 dicembre.


Adulto: 12 €, Bambino: 7 €, Studente: 7 €.
Gratuito per i bambini di età inferiore a 8 anni.

Gratis con Lyon City Card.
Gratis con Lyon City Card

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This visit exists in french and spanich too.


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Vincent Carry, directeur du Festival Nuits Sonores
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Vincent Carry, direttore del Festival


Camille Pantano, blogueuse culture
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Camille Pantano, blogger culturale


Camille Pantano, blogger culturale

La particolarità dell'offerta lionese è che i musei sono altrettanto belli all'esterno che all'interno!