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Festival Têtes de Bois

Festival Têtes de Bois ©
Festival Têtes de Bois ©
The Espace Tonkin starts the year 2018 in puppets with Les Têtes de bois, intended for the young public and their families with a program of workshops and exhibition and shows of authors.
"Les Têtes de bois" honors the puppet and the young audience show every year with exciting creations for adults and children alike. For the world of childhood, the one that each of us carries in his heart, gives rise to inventive and marvelous scriptures and scenic processes, like no other.

Informazioni pratiche

Espace Tonkin

1 avenue Salvador Allende 69100 Villeurbanne

Tel. : 04 78 93 11 38

Orari di apertura

Dal 17/01 al 10/02/2018, ogni giorno.


Tariffa unica: 7 €.
Billet groupe : 6 € (gratuit pour les accompagnateurs)


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