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Hyperlight (Copyright Thomas Pachoud)
Vigroux Croix (Copyright Jérome Bouchet)

Mirage Festival

From the 25th February to the 1st March 2015, in various culture venues in Lyon. Art culture and digital creation 

Only just created, yet already obsolete! The digital world is constantly evolving, constantly forcing artists to try something new, and to innovate to exist. 

Art that is subject to technological innovation must always reinvent itself. So? What should be done?

We wander around, discovering digital works of art, going from site to site, giving free rein to our fascination for videos, music… and we expect so much, or rather we expect nothing in particular, seeing as it's all new anyway!

Mirage Festival  is the gathering devoted to digital creation, where artists play the part of explorers in an unbounded world.

Exhibitions in unexpected forms, meetings, workshops, performances and live events are so many opportunities to be amazed and to learn.

CAdmittedly this is no mirage… yet it's not quite reality either…

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